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Grace & Truth Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at Grace & Truth Church exists to glorify God through making Christ known to kids by the sharing of the gospel, and disciple them so they may learn all that He commanded.  During classes we strive to provide excellent care and Biblically sound instruction while serving the children with sincere hearts for their spiritual growth.  Our goal is to better equip children and families to be able to engage in spiritual conversations at home, not just in classrooms at the church.

Nursery-6th Grade

Sunday School: 9:30AM

Sunday Worship: 10:30AM



Our children are so very important to us!  Before 14 (B414) is our Wednesday night children's ministry.  Statistics have shown that children have already formed their beliefs about God before 14.  Our goal is to give our children a concrete knowledge and understanding of who God is and what it means to be a follower of Christ.


Wednesday Night Age Groups:

Nursery: 0-2yrs

Preschool: 3yrs-4/5yrs

Kindergarten-1st grade

2nd-6th grade

B414 - Wednesday Night Children's Ministry at 6:30 PM
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